About Us

 At iZi Creations, we are passionate about crafting contemporary fashion heirlooms. We are driven by the desire to create  exquisite pieces that strike the delicate balance of being fashion-forward in the present and classically timeless in the future.

 Our designs are destined to be as captivating to the generations to come as they are dazzling today. Cast in 14K and 18K white  and yellow gold (platinum is available upon request), our unique creations showcase the finest-quality colored stones, hand-  selected in India, Thailand and Columbia. 

 As a family-run enterprise, we understand the challenges independent jewelers face and we are personal enough to understand  and meet those needs. At the same time, we are well-equipped to provide our clients with the very best in trend-setting design  and competitive prices. We work closely with each of our patrons to ensure that they have the ideal pieces to establish  themselves as purveyors of the finest fashion jewelry. Each customer represents a valued friendship that we are committed to  cultivating through generous service, honest interactions and enduring loyalty.

 My name is Izidor Kamhi, and this is not just a business philosophy, it is a way of life. I have been a jeweler for over 25 years,  working as both a caster and a bench jeweler before founding iZi Creations in 1986. My friends call me Izi. I hope you will too.


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